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St Joseph's Catholic

Religious Education photo gallery 2022-23

Stations of the Cross Easter Performance


Nativity Scene Painting Competition - Knights of St Columba - our school winner who was placed in the top ten of Bexley Borough - well done!

Year R Class Assembly - New Life

Cafod Live Simply Award

Living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the world's poorest communities.

Year 3 Crayford Mosque


Year 3 Class Assembly - Holy Communion


Year 2 Sikh Visitors


Year 4 Class Assembly - The Early Christians


Year 2 Class Assembly - New Life


Crowning of Mary

Year 1 Class Assembly - The Good Samaritan


CAFOD - Catholic Social Teaching Workshops

Missio Assemblies

CAFOD Assemblies

Other Faiths Week - Judaism Visitor Mrs Goldberg

Year 2 Class Assembly - Good News

Year 5 Westminster Cathedral

Year 5 Class Assembly - Inspirational People

Year 6 Class Assembly - Justice

CRIBS Christmas Performance

Junior Carol Service

Reception Nativity

Year 1 and Year 2 Nativity

Remembrance Day

Year 4 Class Assembly - The Bible

Year 5 Class Assembly - Creation

Year 3 Class Assembly - Baptism

Year 6 Class Assembly - The Kingdom of God

Queen Elizabeth II Assembly - God Bless Our Queen