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Curriculum Intent Statement

Our bespoke curriculum is designed to offer both continuity and progression through the National Curriculum and interests beyond. Each subject is taught through carefully planned subject specific lessons. Wherever possible, subject content has been clustered to form an overarching topic which forms a rich, motivating context for learning that is often linked to the local context. This learning supports the acquisition of knowledge and skills and is supported by the best pedagogical practice and resources.

The curriculum at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School aims to embed the school’s core values. That our children know the love of God and the responsibility of local and worldwide neighbours. For our children to see learning as central to the schools day to day activity and their gateway to understanding the world around them.  So that when children leave St Joseph’s, they are prepared for their next stage of education and have an appetite to be lifelong learners.  Our aim is that they go on to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

 The Intent Statements for each subject are as follows:

  • In Religious Education we aim to develop faith and live the Gospel values with understanding
  • In English we aim to be able to speak, read and write with confidence, accuracy and clarity 

  • Mathematics is to study numbers and how they are related to each other and to the real world 

  • History is to know about the past and act as historians

  • Geography is to understand the physical world and its people by developing as geographers 

  • Computing is to find, explore, exchange, present information and apply logic to solving problems 

  • Music is to participate in and appreciate a variety of musical experiences, developing as musicians 

  • Art is to develop artistic skills and express creativity in a variety of ways 

  • Design and Technology is to explore, design and create objects with a real life purpose 

  • French is to be able to communicate in spoken and written word and know key features of French culture 

  • Physical Education is to be physically active and develop skills in a range of physical activities 

  • RHSE is lifelong learning about stable, respectful and loving relationships, marriage and family life, physical health and mental wellbeing.


 We implement our curriculum using the following planning:

  •  Subject coordinators provide content overviews for each subject and year group detailing, National Curriculum coverage, progression and depth

  • Content is organised into termly overviews, led by a topic focus for extra WOW

  • Termly foundation subject curriculum planning outlines objectives, knowledge (including vocabulary), skills, teaching methods (pedagogy) and specifically designed resources

  • English and mathematics planning follows subject coordinator termly overviews and is planned for weekly detailing: objectives, knowledge (including vocabulary), skills, differentiated teaching methods (pedagogy) and resources to scaffold and extend learning. Lessons are adapted to meet the specific needs of the children.

  • All plans are centrally stored and available on the public drive

  • Clear learning objectives and steps for success are provided to support pupils for each lesson

  • A range of high quality questioning techniques are used to embed knowledge, challenge thinking and assess learning

  • Regular trips, visitors and events are used to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that all pupils access the cultural capital needed for success.

  • We work in partnership with parents to support learning; effective home – school links and parent partnership enhances and scaffolds learning.


 We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  •  Pupils present their work in books and for display to the highest standard

  • Topics are regularly evaluated to enable students to reflect on their learning with their teachers

  • Termly standardised tests are undertaken in reading, writing and mathematics to monitor progress carefully using Target Tracker

  • Pupils self asses their understanding of the objective set and feedback to teachers through the smiley face system

  • Pupil voice meetings are regularly held for feedback

  • Pupil’s achievements are regularly celebrated through awards, achievement certificates and high quality displays throughout the school.

    Love, Learn, Live