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Music Tuition


Pupils from year 3 upwards are able to join our fantastic school choir.

Rehearsals take place every Thursday lunchtime. Pupils are obliged to attend every rehearsal, and information in writing is needed if they wish to leave.


Pupils who have reached necessary level of ability are invited to join the school orchestra.

This is held every Monday from 3.15-4.15 pm. Rehearsals start on the second week of each new term and end the second to last week of term.

Peripatetic Lessons

At St Joseph’s we offer lessons to Key Stage 2 pupils in Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Guitar and Percussion. Lessons are charged at £40 per term.

Bexley Music Services provides us with excellent teachers who deliver a total of 25 lessons per academic year. Lessons start on the second week of each new term and end the second to last week of term.

In the event of a peripatetic teacher missing a lesson due to illness, lessons will be made up.

At the end of the summer term, Mrs Smith will send letters to all Key Stage 2 pupils wishing to start / continue music lessons. If your child is interested in starting lessons mid-year, please contact Mrs Smith via the Contact Book.

Instrument hire

We have some instruments available for hire at St Joseph’s.

Hire costs are £20 per term. Alternatively instruments can be hired from Bexley Music Services directly.

Recorders - Year 3

In Year 3 pupils learn the recorder as part of their class music lessons.

Children may bring in their own recorders. Alternatively, parents will have the opportunity to purchase recorders from the school via Mrs Smith.

Samba Drums - Year 4

Year 4 pupils are given Samba drumming lessons with a visiting specialist teacher from Bexley Music Services, who delivers 25 lessons in total.

A nominative fee of £30 is charged at the beginning of the year to help cover costs.