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St Joseph's Catholic

St Mary of the Crays Parish Church

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School serves the parish of St Mary of the Crays and the local area of Crayford. We welcome Father David as our Parish Priest from October 2018.

‘Pupils are regularly involved and often take the lead in Parish and Diocesan celebrations and activities as evidenced in their musical contributions at Diocesan functions.’

(Religious Education Inspection Report, 2016)

Our school takes an active part in the parish and we work in partnership with parents and the wider community.

Every term, classes take turns to plan, lead and participate in celebrating Mass at church, to which parents and parishioners are welcome to attend. The school helps to familiarise and support the children in their participation of the liturgy of the Mass, and teaches and encourages the children to pray the common prayers of the Church. The children, parents and staff also celebrate Mass at church on other days such as Holy Days of Obligation, Education Sunday and First Holy Communion – not to mention, the Junior Christmas Carol Service. Some of our older pupils are regular altar servers. Our children also contribute items towards the parish annual Christmas Fair.

‘The school issues the weekly ‘Wednesday Word’ which is well used as a teaching resource and parents confirmed they found it both helpful and useful in supporting their children, particularly at Sunday Mass.’

(Religious Education Inspection Report, 2016)

The children also participate in daily acts of worship in school which include head teacher assemblies, Praise Assembly, hymn practice and class assemblies, some of which parents are invited to attend. We have a beautiful Prayer Room, which is also used during October by a parishioner to lead praying the rosary once a week (where staff, pupils, parents and parishioners are all welcome), and during the Season of Lent, Fr David offers the Sacrament of Reconciliation to the older pupils.

The school also hosts a number of events to which parents and parishioners are warmly invited including, the Infant Nativity and the Easter Service.