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St Joseph's Catholic

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Starting school in September 2024 or 2025...come and visit our school 


Monday 1st July 2024 - Open Afternoon - 1.30 pm

 Open Events will begin with a presentation, followed by a guided tour of the school.

A few highlights from our recent Ofsted Inspection - July 2023:

“Pupils behave very well in lessons and around the school”

“Pupils are respectful to staff, to visitors and to each other”

“Pupils benefit from a well thought out curriculum which is broad and balanced”

“Pupils are part of a very supportive school community”

“Pupils benefit from a range of activities that enrich their curriculum and broaden their horizons”

“Pupils listen to their teachers and have positive attitudes to their learning”

“Pupils are safe and happy and they work hard at this school”

“Pupils wider development is prioritised”

“Pupils are given opportunities to develop new talents”

"Collectively, we have taken advantage of the benefits of a small school so that families, pupils and staff feel part of a    close-knit and caring community”